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February 9, 2018

Do you know there is a loop hole inside common turnstile in the market? After a single user flash card, arm can be push forward and reverse freely to allow multiple users to pass through turnstile without flashing card. This creates a big security flaw at turnstile gate entrance. The purpose of installing turnstile is to ensure only 1 person can pass through after each user flash card. This is important to ensure only authorized person can enter the building and access control system correctly capture the user access events. This loop hole has defeated the purpose of installing a Continue reading

January 26, 2018

Everyone is feeling unsafe with the increase of crime cases every day.Children can no longer play outside of the house on their own. Houses installed with CCTVs are being robbed in broad daylight. Housing developers have introduced the concept of gated and guarded communities. The entire residential area is gated with controlled entrance. Security guards are stationed at the entrance guard-house. The next question is, how well do you trust the security guard? There have been cases where security guards would open barrier gates to just about anyone who waves their hand and does not look unusual. The key to Continue reading

January 26, 2018

With rising security threat nowadays,access control alone is sometimes not sufficient to provide the necessary protection. SoyalEtegra SEACS software has integrated CCTV surveillance into existing access control function to improve the effectiveness of the security protection. The following are 3 examples how a CCTV integration with SoyalEtegra SE-ACS access control function can benefit users: Example 1 : In/ Out monitoring (IOM) increases effectiveness of parking access It is very common to see two monitors at a security desk. One monitor showing continuous flow of cars passing through in 4 channel live-view-video from a DVR. The other monitor showing access control Continue reading

November 27, 2017

From its humble and ambitious beginning as an autogate installer, Magnet Security & Automation has grown from strength to strength to becoming a household name in gate automation and building security solutions. MalaysiaSAFE took the opportunity of interviewing Mr. Jimmy Low, General Manager and second-generation owner of the company. We carry some excerpts of the interview below. MalaysiaSAFE: Please give a brief background to yourself and the company. Jimmy Low (JL): Basically, I am the second generation owner of the company. Magnet Security & Automation was founded in 1980 and we have been providing automation solutions for 37 years. My Continue reading

October 13, 2017

We have set up a 4ch AHD Full HD CCTV for Demo purpose. You can login to our CCTV system now to see and try our CCTV system. Setup Guide for Mobile: Step 1:  Search and install “Superlive Plus” app in Google play store or IOS app store. Step 2:  After done install, open “Superlive Plus” app and go to server list and click “+” to add device. Fill in info below and click “save”: 1) 2) ahd demo 3) user 4) 654321 Step 3:  Click on play after down. Step 4: You are now able to view the Continue reading

October 6, 2017

Nowadays we often hear about terrorist attacks in the news. Terrorists walk freely into a building looking like a normal civilian. Access control systems have become a crucial component to identify people entering into the building. Only with the correct access permission are visitors allowed to enter the building. In general, all users can be divided into 2 types, namely tenant and visitor. Tenants are building users that repeatedly enter / exit the building on a regular basis. Visitor on the other hand are non-regular building users that come to visit a specific tenant in the building. By managing this Continue reading

October 6, 2017

The world is not safe anymore.A building with high density can be exposed to multiple security threats. An alarm system can only notify you when the incidents is happening. A surveillance system can only give you video playback after the incident has already happened. By the time you received notification or see the video playback , it may already be too late; the intruder is already inside your building. Given the highest resolution CCTV camera you can have, all you could do is watch each person passing without knowing the potential criminal. An effective security system should start at the Continue reading

September 14, 2017

We appreciate your time to stop by to celebrate this happiness with us on last Friday. This has been a significant milestone achievement for us. We sincerely hope that our new office building can help us provide better service to our customer. This new millennium is a very exciting time for security and automation market in Malaysia as well as world-wide. We strive to offer best services, products, solutions and competitive pricing to help our customer grow to the next level. We received many beautiful flower bouquets from our customer, business partners and friends on our opening day. Thank you Continue reading

August 21, 2017

This is a significant milestone achievement after many years of MAGNET hard work. It is our honour to share this happiness with all our customers, friends and family. Spacious ground floor showroom to give more comfortable environment when customer come for ordering products or enquiry. Customer can come to experience our products function, feature and quality. We showcase full range of MAG pedestrian gate product line for you to feel, touch and test. Dealers are welcomed to bring end user to visit our showroom to experience MAG product quality first hand. MAG café offer relaxing ambient for project discussion within Continue reading

January 10, 2017

The most expensive barrier gate might have too many features that you do not need. The cheapest barrier gate might have quality and after sales issues. We optimize our barrier gate design to achieve the right balance of quality and affordability. Our design philosophy is for you to pay for what you need thus making our barrier gate more affordable to fit into your budget while still comply with your site requirements.   Following are 7 reasons why you should choose MAG BR600T barrier gate?  Our new barrier gate design looks good. BR600T modern gray concept effectively increases premium prestigious Continue reading

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