Magtec IP camera & NVR

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Magtec IP camera system in Malaysia and Network Video Recorder (NVR) network based digital IP camera CCTV system offer high megapixel resolution video recording. Malaysia IP camera compresses CCTV video into H.265 or H.464 video file and sends to Network Video Recorder (NVR) for storage into a hard disk.

Magtec Malaysia network video recorder (NVR) CCTV ip camera CCTV system allow remote viewing and remote playback from Internet or LAN network via user friendly android handphone or iphone. Magtec offer free Central Monitoring Software (CMS) that allow you to manage multiple IP Camera and CCTV NVR recorder for a single software interface. Magtec CMS security video software allow up to 256 simulataneous live view from multiple CCTV network video recorder.

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