Launching New feature for MT91 series Full HD DVR

MT91 series is upgrade version from MT89 series. The new model MT91 series have brand new GUI are more users friendly. The DVR also upgrade with new technology and now the operation is become smoother and fast speed. The entire common button is more direct now. You can more easy to reach your desire setting.

New feature:

1) Customize group for your desire channel

  • You can create a group to customize which channel you want to view.

    2) Dual Stream Recording

  • The system record low resolution during normal time, change to high resolution during sensor or motion. This way can save your hardisc storage.

    3) Well manage camera and hardisc

  • You can choose which camera to record in which hardisc. For example, IP camera 1 will record in hardisc group 2.

    4) Search function now is more convenience

  • Snapshot of each minute for more easy find

    5) New playback bar

  • More easy to backup and playback.

    6) Up to 10 backup task can be proceeding in same time

  • Backup is easier and you can save your time because you no need to wait the task done only start another.