Magtec AHD CCTV DVR 24 Hours demo link

We have set up a 4ch AHD Full HD CCTV for Demo purpose. You can login to our CCTV system now to see and try our CCTV system.


Setup Guide for Mobile:

Step 1:  Search and install “Superlive Plus” app in Google play store or IOS app store.


Step 2:  After done install, open “Superlive Plus” app and go to server list and click “+” to add device.
Fill in info below and click “save”:
2) ahd demo
3) user
4) 654321


Step 3:  Click on play after down.
CCTV shows server list provided

Step 4: You are now able to view the cctv system.


Setup Guide for Internet Explorer:

Please click this Demo Link:
user name :
password : 

Step 1 :  When you access to website, please fill in the user name: user and password: 654321 and click login.


Step 2 :  After login, pls click to install and download the plugin, please click “run” at the bottom message pop up, after finish running please close the window and re-open again and you will able to access to Magtec CCTV.

CCTV login setup

Step 3 :  You can view 4 channel at same time.

Internet explorer view

Step 4 : You can view single channel with bigger view.


Step 5 : Search function now is easier with playback bar. It allow you to search single channel or 4 channel with specify date and time to retrieve the record from your hard disk.

CCTV dayview-playback