Launching New AHD 1080P DVR and camera

The common problem in today CCTV is that the video start to distort when you zoom in bigger view. You are not able to see the burglar face clearly. Recorded CCTV video is blurred and valuable information is lost. Magtec new AHD technology is capable to record in High Definition 1080P (equivalent to BlueRay disc). This allowed recorded video to be zoomed in for bigger view while still maintains visible clarity. Clearer picture reveal many evidence that can help solve the crime. Magtec is launching MT89xx series 1080P AHD DVR.


Magtec AHD DVR MT89xx series is an hybrid DVR that support 1080P AHD, analog and IP camera at the same time. You can use AHD camera in places that requires high clarity. You can use lower cost analog camera in places that requires lower clarity. All you need to do is replace existing analog DVR to AHD DVR without changing wire. Old analog camera can be reused back while adding new AHD camera to fit into your limited budget. Minimum upgrade cost from existing system.



Magtec AX series is Analog HD IR CCTV camera using latest CMOS imaging technology. Advance CMOS IR Cut filtering technique allowed vivid color up to 2.0 megapixel HD resolutions during day view. All Magtec AHD camera comes with 2D and 3D dual digital noise reduction engine to deliver extremely low noise night vision. This allow you to see all night activity with crisp clarify. Our latest 1080P AHD camera support dual output of AHD and TVI simulataneously. So you can also use our affordable camera on TVI system.


In many cases customer is looking for the cheapest DVR solution that only offer low resolution recording. But there is no point of saving the money if the recorded video is NOT clear enough to catch the criminal. The main purpose of CCTV surveillance is to capture crime incident into recorded video which can be used as evidence to track down crime incident occurred. Magtec offer affordable analog HD solution that gives you “usable” video recording.

Crime rate is increasing rapidly during this time of economy slow down and political uncertainty. Installing CCTV is not about saving money and install a cheap system. It will defeat the purpose of installing CCTV if the video recorded by the cheap system is not clear enough to be used as evidence to solve crime. Do not wait until it is too late. Upgrade your CCTV system to 1080P HD today. Start enjoying the higher security offered by our affordable high definition technology. You can easily upgrade your existing low resolution to our new HD CCTV system without changing wire. Just change to our AHD DVR and AHD camera. You can reuse back the same wire and achieve 1080P HD recording instantly.