CCTV DVR 24 hours demo link

We have set up a 4ch AHD CCTV with comparison camera quality (700TVL (analog). 1.3MP (AHD), 2.0MP(AHD)), Environment (indoor/ outdoor), method of viewing (PC/ mobile). This is easier for you to show the real quality of the product when promote Magtec CCTV to your customer.Below demo detail for your reference :

Please click this Demo Link

user name : user
password : 654321

Setup Guide:

Step 1 : When you access to website, below message box will pop up and please click “install”.


Step 2 : After you click install button, please click “allow” at the bottom message pop up, after finish running please refresh the page. After you key in correct user name and password and you will able to access to Magtec CCTV.


Step 3 : You can view 4 channel at same time.


Step 4 : You can view single channel with bigger view.


Step 5 : Search function allow you to search single channel with specify date and time to retrieve the record from your hard disk.


Step 6 : You can select whether to see best quality video or video that run smooth. If you want to see best quality video, video will be lag. If you want to see smooth video, then quality video will be low.