SoyalEtegra Access Control System (SE-ACS)

SE-ACS is an advance client / server access control software that is designed exclusively for Soyal’s card and fingerprint access system. It extends SOYAL functionality to the next level with integrated CCTV surveillance and time attendance functions.

SoyalEtegra is fully loaded with powerful features into a single platform to achieve centralized security, surveillance and attendance management for small to big business operations.


Key features highlight:

1. Powerful client / server architecture protects everywhere from anywhere

  • Multiple operators from anywhere in the network can manage hardware, setting, monitoring and reporting of multiple remote sites (branches) in any location.Each operator can be assigned login with limited function access. All operation performed by operator in entire network is recorded in audit trail for review. This powerful networking architecture allows multiple sucurity personel to work togerther easily and keep a closer eye on organization’s security protection while maintaning scalability to easily add more hardware or operators in coming future.


2. Integrated CCTV Surveillance for more effective security with visual evidence

  • In / Out monitoring captures pictures for every normal access event real time from selected doors. Pictures from user profile, current badging and previous badging is displayed on the same screen for operator to easily verify their identity. When used in parking access, guard can verify if driver is the same as shown by user profile picture and if it is the same car IN now and OUT previously.


3. Flexible time attendance to automate clocking report and monitor staff punctuality

  • Time attendance support flexible multi shift (auto detect), overnight shift and multi breaks to capture employee clocking as accurate as possible.Clocking data is analyzed to provide total work time, break time, overtime, late to work, early home and long lunch. Leave management allow employee to apply leave in advance. Comprehensive reports summarize employee attendance, leaves and punctuality into a tubular format for easy fast review. This is great tool to manage human resources better and help improve productivity.


4. E-Map helps you response to alarm faster

  • Interactive map shows real time status of installed doors and camera. During alarm event, E-Map will pin point accurate exact location visually on the map allowing guard to immediately rush to affected site. This greatly enhances guard responsiveness since they do not need to waste time finding the location based on the door name. It will also avoid the mistake of guard attending the wrong location.


5. Area Control quickly show who else is inside the building?

  • Shows people count of defined area. This is useful during emergency events where authority can easily identify total people left inside the building and which room/area they are last recorded. This information is useful to assist authority to design a more effective rescue strategy. Visual pie chart to quickly show percentage of person unknown, inside or outside of the building in a single glance.


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