CCTV camera superior night view

Magtec AX230 and AX330 1.3MP camera high contrast and super low light sensitivity to achieve high clarity night vision.Magtec 1.3 MP camera also been fine tune to achieve high clarify day view while maintain no blur at night view.

AX230 and AX330 is utilizing SONY latest EXMOR 3.75 um imaging technology and Korean video processing algorithm to achieve perfect balance of clear day view and bright night view. Magtec camera has build in advance double layer digital noise reduction (2D and 3D combination) to ensure night view looked crisp with very minimum pixel noise.


Brand X Night view screenshot:

Often time when try to adjust better day view, they will sacrifice night view.Heavy noise pixel will cause recording to be badly distorted. Recorded video clip will lose important detail and reduce its effectiveness to become valid evidence in the event of crime.