MT1508 – Magtec 8CH Network Video Recorder

MT1508 is network video recorder support 1 x HDD with HDMI display. It can support remote viewing of IP camera via handphone or internet browser on PC. It also can provide much higher resolution 5 megapixel to give you maximum recording clarity possible for IP camera.



Standard size 8ch NVR with professional function

Powerful remote view on handphone and tab

Magtec hand phone view allow you to record the video into your hand phone. In the event smart burglar take away your NVR, you still have the second backup video in your hand phone as secondary backup evidence that you can use to submit to police. Therefore, now you can at least record the entire crime act as you see them take place in front of your eye rather than just “see only and do nothing”.

Powerful remote view via internet browser

Malaysia NVR CCTV

You do not need to be in front of your NVR in order to perform playback and search for evidence. MT1508 has power video streaming processor that allows you to playback all channel recorded video via internet browser from any PC. Capability to playback 8 ch video allowed you to have better understanding of the crime progress. You can see how the burglar progress from one camera to another camera to easily identify their suspicious action.

MT1508 powerful software allows you to playback by time line search. This is a super user friendly tools that help you save a lot of time when you are searching for evidence in large collection of recorded video.

MT1508 support audio input where you can connect mic. You can listen to the recorded sound via hand phone or internet browser. Combined audio and visual evidence increase our chances of catching the thief.



System compression
Standard H.265+ / H.264+
System OS
Embedded Linux
Network Input
8CH IPC input
Network Access Bandwidth
Network Access Format
5MP / 4MP / 3MP/1080P/960P@25fps
Video Output
HDMI x 1: 2K/ 1920 x 1080/ 1280 x 1024
VGA x 1: 1920 x 1080/ 1280 x 1024
Audio Local
RCA x 2 In / out, support 2 way audio
Audio In
8 x IPC
Record stream
Dual stream recording
Record Mode
Manual, timer, motion, sensor
Record Resolution
5MP/ 4MP/ 3MP/ 1080P/ 960P
Simultaneous Playback
Max 8 channel
Time slice/ time/ event/ tag search
Smart search
Highlighted color to display the camera record in a certain period of time, different colors refers to different record events.
Alarm In
8 x IPC alarm input
Network Interface
RJ45 10 / 100 Mbps x 1
Web Client
Max 10 users online
iOS, Android
SATA x 1, max 6TB
Local Backup
U disk , USB mobile HDD
Network Backup
USB 2.0 x2
Work Environment
-10°~50°C , < 90% humidity (non-condensing)
Power supply
12VDC, 2A adapter
Dimensions (mm)
255 x 210 x 42 ( W x D x H)


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