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The world has become chaotic. Crime and terrorist threats are rising every day. It is MAG sincere intention to create this FREE Facebook page dedicated to INCREASE public awareness about safety. We know you are always busy and no time to read the newspaper. Regardless how busy you are, usually you have some spare time to briefly browse your Facebook while waiting for appointments or sitting in the bus. Well, we make it easy for you to start learning how to protect your family and business by offering free security related information into your Facebook page.


Our Facebook share following topics

We are sharing latest security news around us a reminder to be careful so that the same incident will not happen to us. We are also sharing how latest security technology can be used to solve or prevent similar crime.

We share how security system can help you solve safety issue in your daily lives. We will keep you well informed on latest technology so that you can help protect your family and business more effectively.

Security products need to be used correctly in order to achieve its maximum benefit. Why people are still being robbed on front of their house despite having installed autogate? We share practical usage and installation tips to prevent security loop hole.


Why dealer should subscribe MAG facebook?
Dealers should not just sell security system for the sake of profit only. Real life case study solution based on latest crime news shared on MAG facebook can inspire dealer to think of creative solution that can effectively solve customer’s security problem. Latest security technology learned from our facebook page allowed dealer to expand business and always stay ahead from competitor. We strongly suggest anyone doing security business to subsribe MAG facebook.

Why end user should subscribe MAG facebook?
In this fast moving digital age, it is important to stay informed so that you can make necessary precaution steps to protect your business and loved ones. MAG facebook page post a lot of good knowledge and information so that you will not be cheated by unprofessional installer. Getting the latest information is the first step to increase safety level of your daily life. MAG is your first step in security.

Please help share this facebook page to you friends and family. Lets work together to make this world a safer place to live in.