Why you should choose Magtec CCTV camera?

Many competitor just show video demo during day time with plenty of sunlight. At this kind of ideal environment, any cheap camera will also look nice. This is where a lot of customer thought all these super cheap camera is as good as our Magtec AX237, AX337, AX505 and AX605. The real challenge is to test the camera in no light condition.

This is the SINGLE most serious mistake made by most people when selecting CCTV camera. Most people select the cheapest camera that looks good during day time and neglected the night view. Night view is the real test that differentiate between a good camera from cheap camera. A good camera should be able to capture clear, sharp and crisp video at 100% total darkness. It is imporant for a CCTV to see clearly at night view because most crime happened during night time.


1 Magtec AX337 superior night view.
Clean images. No pixel noise at all. Super sharp edges to help identify criminal face as clear as possible under low light condition.Multi angle IR LED design allow brightness to be evenly distributed during night view. This eliminated “spot light effect” where only the center is well illuminated and the 4 corner edge is too dark to recognize any potential threats. Excellent well balance contrast allowed crisp and clear black and white video.

Super sharp night view with no pixel noise at all.

CCTV-Magtec AX237-Live


Playback of recorded video is super clear and super sharp. We can easily recognize the face of the person recorded in the video. This is “usable” recording.

CCTV-Magtec AX237-Playback


2 Competitor brand D 2.0 Megapixel camera.
Please take note on the pixel noise during live view . You cannot see the people face.

CCTV Brand-D-Live

CCTV-Brand-D-Play back

You can see that the edges is badly smeared . The images at night time is not sharp.During recording , all these pixel noise will cause the recorded video to be badly distorted . Playback video will NOT be able to recognized the person recorded in the video.

CCTV-Brand-D-Play back


3 Competitor Brand H 2.0 Megapixel camera.
Live view edge is not sharp due to running pixel. Video look very blur. We are NOT able to recognized the person recorded in the video.

CCTV Brand-H-Live

CCTV-Brand-D-Play back

Please take note the pixel at the edges seeming like “running”. This is a common quality issue that is known as “running pixel”. It causes the edges to be not sharp and crisp. Running pixel during live view edge caused image look very blur. We are NOT able to recognized the person recorded in the video.

CCTV Brand-H-Playback


4 Competitor Brand X 2.0 Megapixel camera.
This is typical SUPER low cost China brand available in the market. The entire image is so badly polluted with pixel noise. While these camera might give a reasonable video during day time, they are the WORST performer during night view.

CCTV Brand-X-Playback

Most of our DVR is using H.264 video compression to record video. H.264 compression performance is severely affected by pixel noise. Pixel noise will cause recorded video to be badly distorted after H.264 compression during recording.

There is no point buying the cheapest camera to save money when recorded video is useless in helping identifying the criminal.Most crime happens during night time. Therefore it is important for the camera to be able to capture clear “usable” video during crime event at night. Magtec AX237, AX337 AX505 or AX605 is using the best Japan CMOS sensor , multi angle IR LED and special video processor chipset to give you best clarity night view at affordable price.

Magtec is your best value CCTV camera.

why-choose-MAGTEC-CCTV-AX237 why-choose-MAGTEC-CCTV-AX337


CCTV-Magtec-AX505 CCTV-Magtec-IRBullet AX605


Remember to request Magtec AX237, AX337 AX505 or AX605  to your CCTV installer . Please feel free to call us to find out more info about our Magtec CCTV and DVR products.


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