FLB140 – MAG Flap Barrier

FLB140 series slim design and enhanced premium hair line polish can elevate the prestige elegant impression while still effectively restricting unauthorized visitors from your entrance. FLB140 series is optimized to achieve the best balance of quality, performance and affordability.


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Access control, fingerprint, bar code or time attendance reader can easily integrated into flap barrier. FLB140 series is an ideal solution for railway, stadium, factory and commercial building.

Are you looking for a stylish flap barrier to match your building modern contemporary lifestyle design but out of budget to buy imported European brand? With current economy slow down, everyone is searching value-for-money solution to help cut down budget spending. So you don’t really want to spend “big” money to purchase a high performance European flap barrier for the sake of its outlook.

There are many features in European flap barrier that is not needed for normal usage in a standard building. Most of the high performance European flap barrier is too complicated that your own maintenance team is not able to service the gate during break down. Too advance also means the control board, motor and other spare parts to be very expensive.


You also worried about the spare parts as it might take 2-3 months to import from European country despite expensive shipping cost.

You looked for lower cost alternative from other “no-brand” supplier but you are not confidence about their product quality, spare part availability and backup service. You suddenly realized that making purchase decision for flap barrier does not seemed as easy as it looks.

FLB140 flap barrier can solve your problem. FLB140 is manufactured using enhanced shiny polish hair line stainless steel to achieve premium finishing outlook without the high price. We removed all unnecessary features and simplified FLB140 design so that it is very affordable for standard building application. Simplified design significantly reduces installation cost, spare part cost and maintenance cost.


MAG offer full spare parts support for FLB140 flap barrier series. MAG flap barrier spare parts are available from our local factory at affordable price. Good spare parts availability is important to ensure your flap barrier is up and running in shortest time possible in the event of break down.

FLB140 new design is well balanced between performance, stability and affordability. We do not want to design the best flap barrier in the world that is too high cost to buy. We do not want to design a super low cost flap barrier that always break down and require high maintenance. FLB140 design has always been “good enough” for target industrial, commercial and residential application. Our design philosophy is for you to pay for what you need thus making our flap barrier more affordable to fit into your limited budget.

Selecting the correct gate is important first step in your building security. MAG is your first step in security.


Power supply
AC220 ± 15V 50Hz
AC110 ± 15V 60Hz
Access device input voltage
Dry contact or 12V electrical level signal or > 100ms 12V impulse signal or driving current > 10mA
Motor voltage
DC 12V (brush motor)
Max flow rate
20 to 30 person per minute
Flap opening / closing time
Reset time when power on
Working temperature
25˚C – 50˚C

Site Installation:

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